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Falling for Pumpkins
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Falling for Pumpkins

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It's that time of year again! Fall is upon us and everything pumpkin is swarming the shelves. From pumpkin lattes to pumpkin scented candles there is no shortage to get you in the mood for autumn. Outside of being deliciously tasty and smelling like the waiting room for Heaven, pumpkins are packing a lot more benefits than most of us are aware of. Let’s talk.

All of our immune systems get a little run down when the weather cools off, and most of us reach for some vitamin C to give ourselves a little boost. But did you know that our little orange friend is stuffed full of goodies for your immune system?

Let’s start with beta-carotene. Pumpkins are loaded with it and our smart bodies turn that into vitamin A. What is vitamin A good for? I am glad you asked. Vitamin A massages your organs with love, rocks your immune system so that you can hang out with your sticky 3-year-old niece without worry, and improves your vision. So, its really a matter of what can’t vitamin A do?

A little bit for the kitchen now: did you know that pumpkins are super low in calories? They only pack about 50 calories to the cup! There are 604 calories in a cup of pizza (who knew you could google “calories in a cup of pizza”? not me, but I just did!)! Also pumpkins are super high in fiber which keeps you feeling full longer. So you eat fewer calories and don’t need to eat again for a while! It’s a win-win! (Hmmm… but now I’m wondering how would pumpkin taste on pizza.)

Now a little bit about the benefits to the most visible of our organs: our skin. Pumpkins are full of antioxidants, and antioxidants help keep free radicals from damaging our skin. They also act as a natural sun block and protect us against damaging UV rays from the sun and help lower the risk of certain kinds of cancer.

Can I talk about vitamin C one more time? Did you know your body needs this to produce collagen, the stuff that makes our skin look young and glowing? Our bodies stop producing collagen as early as our mid-late 20s. However, we can trick our bodies into making more if we get our pumpkin on!

If you know much about alpha hydroxy acids, you know that these bad boys help cell turnover. The faster your cells turn over, the more your skin glows like a baby. Say I bet you a dollar, could you guess which orange squash is full of alpha hydroxyl acids? Ill just tell you, its pumpkins (its quickly becoming a superfood am I right?).

Here’s the thing: fall is amazing and everyone is getting pumped for the holidays, but y’all need to get pumped for some pumpkin! It is delicious, low in calories, keeps you full, and makes your skin shine bright like a diamond (trademark Rhianna). It is truly the most amazing fruit of the season. Which brings me to another fun fact: did you know that pumpkin is a fruit?

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